gnash of tooth, pink of foot

Walking through a park today after work, [on my way to see the glorious Nigella Lawson, who I will blog about later...] there was a guy in front of me wearing a black tuxedo jacket that had a white stencil print of a chandelier on the back. The pearl chain from which this printed chandelier 'hung' started at the nape of his neck, stretched across his shoulderblades in swirly, candle adorned bobeches and ended around the middle of his back with an elaborate centerpiece. Very cool. I was kicking myself that I still don't have a digital camera... Anyway, what should I happen to come across during my night-time ritual of obsessively clicking through the sidebar? Well, the facehunter found a femme in Paris today who, like my chandelier guy, chose to use her back as a canvas for unique art. Luckily, fh had a camera on him and captured this wonderful abstract creature with gnashing teeth and batman ears for us to see too. Of course, the pink shoes are a vital component of her look, though I would love to see this coat worn with high heels. A couple inches- chunky or spikey- would make her appear less cute and more fierce. Oooo. Rockus extremus.


mary said...

i love that! i posted about it, too.

Anonymous said...

she reminds me of style bubble!

Isabel said...

If I saw the chandelier jacket guy, I would probably have fallen in love with him. Honestly.