vroom vroom

No- cars don't do it for me either. I try to maintain at least a faint interest in them (particularly cream Minis and red Saabs), as my younger brother holds vehicles in much the same regard as I hold Coco Chanel (with extreme reverance), and we must have something to talk about besides the Australian weather. But, this is the first time in recent memory that our separate worlds of fashion and motors have collided... the House of Versace & Automobili Lamborghini together designed a Donatella-mobile couture car which they just unveiled in Milan for Fashion Week. It comes complete with luggage, driving gloves(!), and shoes(!!). Of more interest to me are the names of these fancy cars: the white model is called 'Isis', and the black is 'Aldebaran'. I wish there was a red one called Lucifer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, la Femme, I appreciate it when your blog occasionally addresses men's attire.

la femme said...

Well, j you know I try :)

I know so little about men's fashion that I depend on the sartorialist for the latest in 3 piece suits and monogrammed cufflinks.

Perhaps if I hadn't been raised by lesbians, and spent my formative years making goat cheese in midwifery communes, I would be more knowledgeable in this area... alas, alack.

Carissa Duhamel said...

Aldebaran? That's a fantastic name. I'd love to have a car that comes with a name and the passion of my life, shoes. Unfortunate that I'm not even of age to get behind a steering wheel yet. :/

SuzieMoi said...

Oh, the idea of the matching luggage makes me crazy!

Ally. said...

a couture car?!
cars don't really do it for me... except Porche Cayman S, i will buy that car someday!

Anonymous said...

This IS NOT a car! Now take a look at the new crossfire or mazda rx and then we can start talking and clicking pics of REAL cars! I love those curves!