la di da

My NY Fashion Week is made. I sat five feet away from Pat Field at the tents today. For this femme, the only thing that can top that is high tea with La Reine Carine. I have a discreetly taken cell phone pic which this computer has helpfully decided not to upload. No matter- I will persevere, giddy with the excitement that can only come with being in the presence of fashion greatness.
*ah, super grainy pic has uploaded at last- As you can see, PF was very magenta (including the reading glasses perched on her head) while her assitant/colleague/friend was completely monochrome. Fantabulous boots.


Unknown said...

How I envy you! Just being in new york and experiencing that wonderful spectacle. And now also meeting one of the people I think the most highly of in fashion. I really do envy you!

RD said...

It's great to have your updates from fashion week. Not only would I not have been there had I been in New York, but sadly I find myself out of town. So I’m living NY vicariously through you.

I might as well confess this now, since you will probably have guessed it by now, but I have no idea who Pat Field is, or at least had no idea until I googled my way out of ignorance.

Why then am I a faithful reader and occasional commentator at blogs devoted to fashion? I can see two reasons to blog and to read blogs: to share a common passion and to form a community organized around it, or to enter into a world you knew little about and pick up the excitement.

So keep on traveling and take us to new and stylish places.



New Yorkaise said...

So excited for you... Upload pictures! Soon!

Julia said...

My heart beats faster reading your blog, especially these days.

Anonymous said...

Who is Pat Field???? Similiar to Joan Jett perhaps????

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too want some more of these desperate little topics. I stick to the principle of having this lore overflow into everyday life.