sass and bide pt.2

The dress on the left, and one other skirt from the Sass and Bide collection reminded me of this bustle gown worn by Christina Ricci in Sleepy Hollow.

I love how the skirts on both have been cut and sewn to voluminous effect, but the stripes on each panel of fabric are carefully connected to produce graphic angles. Sharpness counteracting volume. Stunning. When Sleepy Hollow came out in '99, I dreamt about CR's wardrobe for ages- tonight I predict I'm going to be dreaming about this S&B dress.

photos- chrstina ricci: depp impact, the rest: ny mag and coutorture


Anonymous said...

We would not care to follow the thoughts troubling la Femme whose attention to the story was far shallower than it might have been...for thoughts are much more faintly remembered than stripes and colors and graphic angles. So too you would be well remembereed in the S&B dress, so swoony baloony and not so chaste as CR's skirt in Sleepy Hollow.

Anonymous said...

Well OK, S&B really stands for Swoony & Baloony (I believe it is a collaboration, or a conspiracy, or maybe a superscrpture), so the dresses in pt1 may be a little too S&B, but the striped one here is nice (dispite in this view the model looks oddly like an upscale maid). I wish I could see someone wearing it in my everyday life.

"No", he said flatly, "I will not buy it for you."

la femme said...

I do love your comments.

Indeed there is a whiff of french maid about the 'Swoony & Baloony' dress, but I must confess that just adds to the appeal. Clichéd fantasies can be so much fun.

"Please", she said desperately, "what will convince you otherwise?".