the other bruno

(i.e. not Vanessa- for once)
Oh Bruno Pieters, how I adore thee. You seem to understand my wardrobe needs completely, because despite the currently freezing weather in Canada, I am already looking forward to springtime in Paris, and know that I would love to acquire a version of the items you so thoughtfully included in your ss 07 collection. Namely:
A blue dress...

(to wear on my scooter)

something to stroll around old European streets in:

silver boots to wear 24/7:

and a simple v-neck dress for all occasions:

I'm chalking you up on my Favourite Belgian List next to Anne Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten.

P.S. My only complaint is that your model needs a happy sandwich. No one should look that frail while wearing a dress- on a scooter- in Paris!

via: ifeoma


T.T. said...

WAUU ! You look great ! Kissees ;)

la femme said...

Love you cool boy, but that's not me- it's the model for the Bruno Pieters spring collection.

Anonymous said...

She should wear a bra.

. ABOUT FASHION . said...

Yeah, she definally should wear a bra!!! And I loved the blue dress!

Anonymous said...

Word, anonymous, the model's nipples are totally distracting me.

But the clothes are fabulous.

Anonymous said...

The scooter could be a Vespa from Rome. Its lines are intellegent, pure, reasonable. Its a beautiful little machine. I suspect modeling the Pieter's in front of it was well thought out. It reflects nicely. the lines of the dress are intellegent, pure, reasonable.

We see la Femme on the scooter disappearing in the streets of Paris. We are curious. We wish to follow along...were does she go...what does she do...who does she meet...and then what?

"La Femme", I ask a bit amused, "you will rumble through the streets of Paris in that dress asquat on a scooter?"
"Mais oui", she replies a bit bemused, "and thunder through the streets of Rome astride on a steed like Minerva, Godess of intellegence, reason, and purity."

la chipie said...

Besides the she-should-wear-a-bra comment,what is Bruno Pieters doign putting such pretty clothes on a squeleton , all the beautiful fierceness of the clothes-scooter-paris combo is lost. He should chose models like you instead !

New Yorkaise said...

The model does look like you, though! And, I love the sin bra look. It's very I-do-not-care-I-live-in-Paris type of freedom that I wish we had in other parts of the world.

la femme said...

alex: danka

anon: Quite- but when you see tons of Euro femmes walking around with prominent nipples, it doesn't seem so strange. We North Americans are so reserved with our padded bras...

about fashion: Oui, I particularly like the blue dress too... and the silver boots! Though not together.

alice: welcome!

f.a.: She is a bit, but a little makeup and a smile can work wonders.

j: You never cease to intrigue, my dear homme.

la chipie: I agree that a different model could make this shoot 10 times more appealing... haha you're so sweet but I'm not sure that individual would be me. :)

liza: I agree- time to embrace the nipples.

xx A

discotheque confusion said...

wow! I love the outfit in the 3rd picture. Its so pretty and well put together. Kind of reminds me of Carrie when shes in Paris (SATC)

S xx