peculiar in pink

In my neighbourhood, there are a lot of men who dress up like women. Some of them pull it off... on any random weekend night one can expect to come face to face with a mean Joan Crawford lookalike (or three), smoking outside a gay bar. There are also a few Ivanas and Chers sauntering along, their impressive height and Adam's apple sometimes the only feature that distinguishes them from the real female celebrity. So, I'm all for men embracing their inner feminine side, but Vincent Gallo (below, on the cover of Purple magazine) needs to head over here for a few tips, because butchering Balenciaga is truly a heinous crime:
**granted, he does pull off heels quite well.

As it is meant to be (on Irina- Harper's Bazaar):

images: Vincent Gallo, courtesy of style bubble; Irina, courtesy of FAD


Style Spot said...

That first picture is so freaky! It's actually a bit disturbing, and I think it'll be a few days before I get rid of that image from my brain...haha ;p

Irina looks gorgeous though!

Carissa Duhamel said...

Perhaps if he had shaved?

Anonymous said...

Again, la Femme, I appreciate it when your blog occasionally addresses men's attire...but keep trying.

RD said...

I think there is a fundamental point here: men are ugly and women are beautiful. Note that I'm not talking about attraction or other charms, just beauty. Women are so beautiful that both men and women will spent time - hours, days, a lifetime - contemplating female beauty. Do men obsessively look at pictures of other men, picking apart the details of their outfits and bodies? The only beautiful men are by definition somewhat effeminate. Put a woman in man's clothes, and you've got something sexy. Put a man in woman's clothes and you have... Vincent Gallo. Case closed.



Jared said...

!!!!! J'ai MAL! C'est HORRIBLE!!! je suis fini!!!

Claire said...

he - ...I'm speechless

Anonymous said...

How could one do that to Irina? No one should be allowed to mock any pictures/editorials/photos/etc. of her. They are sacred.

og så videre said...

Thanks! I really like your blog too.. And Vincent Gallo, even if he doesn`t pull of with women-clothing, he makes excellent films..
Have you seen his film: Buffalo 66?
My fav.film. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Vincent Gallo is beyond eccentric. He is strange, difficult & often downright weird. Apparently he tried to sell his sperm...? But it may have been a big joke..? His doing this particular photo spread isn't really that surprising but I can certainly agree that it's not aesthetically pleasing.

Anonymous said...

the similarities are uncanny. i love them both. and looking excellent in heels as well. thanks la femme.

Anonymous said...

I was in the Cafe de Flore in Paris. It's a favorite of mine with smokey walls, dark wood, and 30's era drawings aesthetically hung - it seethes atmosphere. I was making my way with a double espresso in hand when suddenly I heard "j".
Turning I saw la Femme. She was seated at one of the small tables smoking a cigarette, looking comfortable in front of her laptop. She was alone but for the magnetic lines of force eminating from the hemespheres of her body.
"La Femme, fancy meeting you here. May I sit"
"Mais oui"
I descretely placed the other bentwood chair upwind of the second hand smoke stream and was seated. I noticed she was drinking a cappicino and it was well past noon, but noticing the faint lines af a duvet still faintly etched on the side of her cheek I forgave her.
"How did you recognize me?"
"Well, j, you are a handsome man, with a reassuring,dignified and impressive appearance"
I was glad she didn't call me beautiful (or ugly) a term which refers to the delicate appearance of female. It can be jarring when the two get confused.
"Why thank you, and I think you look beautiful especially in that black dress...elegant...misterioso."
"So what do you think of what I'm wearing?"
"Oh, j, I don't know", she groaned. "I don't know anything about men's clothes. Follow the links to Sart...Sarto...Sartre...men's clothes are existential anyway. Its all goat cheese to me."
"La Femme I think you have a male side that you are not embracing and its probably not healthy. I think it has to do with midwifery communes in your wonderbread years."
She gazed at me with a look at once soul searching and soulsurrendering and sighed, "Alas and alack."

la femme said...

You are an intriguing character.

Anonymous said...

it's all about fetish and fantasy.
fashion is leaving conventional behind. I wish my man could rock Balenciaga like that.
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