packing light


Mutti: "Giraffe, I'm so happy. Today I found a shirt that fits me perfectly."

Moi: "Really?" (if you've read other conversations with my mother, you'll know this is promising and rare)

Mutti: "I loved it so much that I got it in three colours."

Moi: "Wow, that's great!"

Mutti: "Yes! One in red, one dark pink, and one blue. They're lightweight and ideal for my trip, so now I've got my wardrobe sorted for Africa."

Moi: "You're bringing 3 shirts to Africa?"

Mutti: "And 2 pairs of pants. I got a new pair of those too because my old ones have really ha...."

Moi: "Wait. You are bringing 3 shirts and 2 pairs of pants on an 8 week trip to Africa?"

Mutti: "Yep."

Moi: "That's all?"

Mutti: "Yep."

Moi: "Right."

{There really is no point in discussing it further}


marius said...

hehe. what do you rekn I´ll bring when I leave, in 20 days, yup its comfirmed and paid for...a bit more than that?


omg, couldnt get to sleep last night, im insanely excited.

la chipie said...

love it, it reminds me of several people myself

Jesse Markowitz said...

This is like the complete opposite of the many discussions I had with weirded out campers when I packed 100 CDs with me for my 8 week trip to Camp Timberlane a few years ago.

New Yorkaise said...

I love your mom!!

Anonymous said...

hehe, your mutti is great! when i went to africa, i brought only five shirts and three pairs of pants so i guess she has me beat! and i thought i was packing economically. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing. And grateful my madre loves clothes as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

Worlds are revealed in even the dimmist Jungian light of the psyche of these two women from these little drama bites. La Femme, ever the style-phyle, will some day run off with a cult of fashion Nyriads never to be heard from again I fear. While Mutti sharpens her ascetic sense and will ascend to the top of the "Stylite". She will soon go about in simple loin cloths (one in each of three colors at the urging of la Femme)

Yet, I side with Mutti in this little drama. If I were knocking about in Africa with my belongings on my back for eight weeks this is precisely how I would pack. Clothes can be washed in a basin at night. New clothes can be purchased if needed (I intentionally pack light for Europe with this in mind)

So, la Femme, do you have a secret for fitting a runway in a rucksack? Please inform.

Anonymous said...

ahhh... I think I might have to go back to the ways of minimalism like your mom. I normally pack light, but on this trip, my plan was to be well outfitted and for once, dressing like myself rather than a grungy backpacker-- but alas, yesterday in Lyon I lost my favorite vintage, Italian silk scarf on the subway. I suppose some French woman is very happy now -- and I am cursing myself for giving up my minimalist-travel wardrobe...
oh yeah-- i also lost a shoe in Geneva today--- I guess I needed to make room for all the stuff I bought!!

Hope NYC was/is grand!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, now you have to tell all us fellow minimalists what brand of shirt is so miraculous!