cobblestone catwalk

I know this sign is supposed to warn well shod women (or in my neighbourhood, men) about the dangers of uneven pavement, but it also reminds me of a famous Guy Bourdin image:
In Canada, we have signs warning drivers of large, antlered animals that might at any moment leap into the road- even in the city. In Paris, there are stilletoes (and the only antlered creatures likely to cross paths with you are wearing McQueen).


maitresse said...

wait, where is the first picture taken? is that a real street sign??

me said...

Love that sign lol is that for real? we should have those here in Lisbon, where the pavements are stiletto killers :D
(The Stiletto Effect)

L.A. said...

I love that sign and I love that photograph! Thank you for sharing both!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up! if only they had those signs warning signs for crocs and white tennies.