campaign trail

Laetitia Casta, my lifelong favourite model, was photographed for Louis Vuitton at Pont Neuf earlier this week. Eva Herzigova is the face of LV's fall campaign, so I wonder what the photos are for?...
Laetitia was also at YSL's funeral today in Paris.
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RD said...

It seems to be the week for shoots at bridges in Paris. I saw one underway this week Monday on Pont Alexandre III, opposite the Grand Palais.


With this view in the background you can see why:


But I was on my way to an exhibition and didn't pay attention or ask questions. Pity!


Wanderlusting said...

I TOTALLY love Laetitia Casta too, ever since high school. I think she's the bomb and have no idea why she's dropped off the North American radar.

Bobble Bee said...

Laetitia! It's funny i thought of her the other day, i wondered if she was still working in the fashion business.
She was the first (and only) model to who I sent a letter! :) I was like 10 or 12 and I sent a letter to her agency in Paris. They sent me an autograph back. It was lovely, i was so happy! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I love Laetitia too!

breathing in the dreaming world said...

love your blog. i used to live in paris but am now back in ny. your blog is great when i'm missing france.

thetiniestspark said...

i think laetitia is unbelievable looking as well, but i remember when i was staying with a french family one summer in high school, the family told me of the disdain the french have for her because she's apparently kind of, erm, dim-witted. also i just noticed today that eva is the face of prada's fall campaign, which i just don't get at all -- i think she's at the bottom of my fashion list; her hard-edged look matches the personality for which she's renowned. laetitia should have gotten both campaigns instead, as far as i'm concerned!