blue valentine

Forget the red. Let's have more of this please.
(Alexis Mabille Haute Couture, Paris, today)
Isn't the colour blocked hair amazing? I've sworn off hair dye for at least a month, but am sorely tempted to try this out in blue.

This collection brings to mind Grace Coddington's ill fated and reshot editorial in The September Issue. The grey shades of winter leave me numb. I'd love to see extreme colour contrasts on the streets come spring...
Photos: wireimage


noura. said...

i agree this is all so stunning!

Anonymous said...

too damn thin!

theue said...

this almost is up there with the turban. but it's such a commitment and wonder if you get the part wrong?

so nice to see you back on here.

la femme said...

Thank you, ue. I agree re: the part. It's a risk.