la belle personne

Saw this while up North. The bluish grey palette of the film reflected the wintry environment I was watching it in to eerie effect, probably contributing to the impression it made on me. LBP is based on La Princesse de Clèves, published in 1678 by Madame de Lafayette (definitely someone I would want at my dream dinner party). I adored the English translation in school and was irritated when Nicolas Sarkozy started bashing it, although perhaps I should be grateful as the book has gained popularity since then, as well as inspiring this visually gorgeous adaptation.

Je recommande.
*Likely to induce severe cravings for A.P.C.

New York Times review here.
Photos from google and screencaps from here.

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 Mommy Drinks Style said...

I'm intrigued.
I'm going to go research this now!
Thank you!