In and around the Black Forest...

Traditional Black Forest cake - very rich and soaked in cherry schnapps.

Kloster St. Peter auf dem Schwarzwald. Huge abbey church cut into the hills high up in the Forest and decorated in elaborate Baroque style during the 18th c. It must have been quite a production to get the building materials up there.

Whiskey, the blue eyed horse

Schloss/castle ruins. They date from the 12th c. and were inhabited until at least the 17th c. Burned to the ground by Napoleon's army. Haunting and empty in winter.

Top of the Kandel Mountain. The white beyond the trees is cloud. It took a long time to get up there but was well worth the trip.


jasmine said...

love your photos from this trip! which iPhone app did you use?

la femme said...

Hi Jasmine! I used the "ShakeItPhoto" app. Lovely to see you here - hope all is well.