glowing hearts

The apparel at the Armani Privé spring 06 couture collection was a little too beige and 1980s for my taste, however I loved the smooth heart pendants worn in the show. They reminded me of sea glass, polished until glowing. As much as I enjoy the ornate extravagence of the jewel encrusted accessories so often presented with haute couture, these necklaces were a refreshing contrast.


Anonymous said...

Armani Prive is high end ready-to-wear at best, to call it 'couture' is a joke and just an excuse to charge extreme prices.

elena said...

I´m agree with lorre, Armani Privé looks like a prêt-à-porter collection, not haute couture. Have you seen Lacroix embroideries? I´m sure you love it.
Anyway, the Armani heart pendants are very beautiful :)

la femme said...

You are absolutely right mrs. de winter- I was ecstatic with the Lacroix collection! It was exquisite.