conversations with my mother- part deux

As a birthday present, a friend bought me a beautiful deep blue DKNY cardigan made of Tussah silk. The back and sleeves are knit while 4 panels of raw edged silk are sewn onto the front. It's one of those dressy cardigans that you throw over a camisole or slip dress to go out in. Anyway, I wore it to breakfast with my mother a few days ago and this was our clothing conversation:

[Frowning at cardigan from across the table]
"What's the matter with your top?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well it isn't... finished."

"Of course it's finished"

"The front is all ripped- it looks like a cat attacked you"

"The raw edges on the silk are intentional."

"That's ridiculous- it looks as if they sold it before sewing up the seams."

"Mutti, trust me, it's a look. People who are into fashion will understand."

"Can't you turn it inside out or something?"


Bethany said...

my mum thinks the same thing about raw edges too.

Julia said...

Ah, bless.

M said...

I just love your conversations with your mom! Someone should make a sitcom based on you two. :)

Anonymous said...

i understand! i love having those fashion convos with the midwife too!

la femme said...

I wish! :)

Sadly, I had the grave misfortune (for a fashion obsessed person) to be born in Canada... Maybe I'm German at heart, because I've always called my mother mutti.

Anonymous said...

That's so cute that you call your mother mutti. My grandparents are from Germany and Austria, so my dad used to call his mother that when he was younger.