open letter to zac posen

Dear Zac,

E over at Letters to MJ has inspired me to write a letter in the hopes that the request I am about to make may come to fruitious reward -if only in my fashion fantasies- or at the very least, serve to chronicle one of my many style obsessions. So, straight to the point... I hope it doesn't seem conniving or overly shallow, but I loved your resort collection so much that I thought I would write and ask if you had any extra pieces lying around in your studio? If this happened to be the case, I would be very happy to take them off your hands and wear them to death (everything donned by Masha S. in your show was particularly perfect- not that I'm picky or anything).

From a business perspective, perhaps you could look at this as free advertising? From a fashion god perspective, you could look at this as aiding a deeply devoted follower who cannot (yet?) afford your creations. After all, you give samples to celebrities n'est pas? Via a recent issue of People magazine, I noticed Paris Hilton gyrating most obscenely on a NY bar counter while wearing a beautiful ZP summer dress that I doubt she paid for. This incident made me want to leap into the glossy pages and rescue the garment from its unfortunate fate. Believe me, I would be much more appreciative and loving of one of your dresses than many individuals on your freebie list. If truth be told, there there is a little place in my suitcase reserved for a ZP garment, just in case one magically appears between here and Paris. I always have faith in those kind of fashion miracles. After all, how did penniless Carrie Bradshaw get a hold of all that couture, just when she needed to look fabulous?

I should leave it at that. Congratulations again on a superb resort collection. The perfectly cut dresses were made even more divine by those wide buckle belts and/or masterful shirring. I wait with baited breath for your next show.

much love, A


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your fashion miracle will come through.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

my fingers are crossed for you, doesn't hurt to ask !

Anonymous said...

lovely beyond words. i have urges to save whatever beautiful clothing paris hilton's wearing too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zac,

If you read this you've progressed to the comments and must be clearly thinking about this request. I must aid this by pointing out that if I were a woman, I'd pay more attention to what style bloggers say/wear than what celebs do. Oh yes.



P.S) A, if this works, can you try to swing some Dior Homme ;)

Isabel said...

The clothes are cute, the model is Ribsy. Honestly, I think that's her name!

M said...

:D I hope the fish bites the bait!

Frapp said...

And as soon as you've finished with them, you could always send them to me... :P

Jared said...

LOL :) Did you really send this to him?

la femme said...

Jared: No :)